Thursday, 16 July 2009

Is there an Approach anxiety Cure?

What do we mean by approach anxiety?

Approach anxiety is a response to a real or imagined threat in the environment you are approaching women in. This response is usually called the “flight-or-fight response”. The feeling of approach anxiety is caused by the release of adrenalin in the body, which helps to mobilize your strength and energy by increasing your heart rate, the blood flow to your muscles, and the rate of your breathing and so on. These changes are to prepare you to attack the threat - or flee from it.

The three processes involved in approach anxiety

There are three approach anxiety causes that are all triggered by you perceiving a threat that could be real or imaginary. The first one would be you may start to have anxious thoughts about approaching the woman. Next you would feel anxious emotions caused by a physiological arousal in your body. And you would behave in an anxious way and either not approche at all and feel the need to move away or approach but be so anxious that you come across strange to the women you are approaching.

Women can pick up on the anxiety and so start to feel anxiety around you, and so you can end up not getting very far with the approach. This can make you have even more approach anxiety for the next approach and so it goes down in a downward spiral where each failed approach increases the approach anxiety you feel and makes each approach more and more difficult. This leads to most men just giving up and becoming wall flowers, sanding back and watching as other men approche the women they want.

Here is a simple Approach anxiety Cure you can use

You need to learn what to do to solve each cause of approach anxiety, if you are ever going to get over your approach anxiety. Here is what to do. First of all you need to control your thinking, so in your mind create a picture of yourself approaching the women and it going well. Doing this will help you to keep the anxious thoughts under control.

Next remember a time when you felt really good and think about that to help keep your emotions under control so you feel relaxed and calm as you approach the woman.

Finally position your body in the way you would hold yourself if you were totally relaxed and in control of yourself. And maintain this body posture as you approach and interact with the women.

What to do when an approach gooses well?

The big thing that can hold men beck from approaching even if they feel calm and relaxed, is not knowing what to do once they do approach the women and the approach goose well and then they are unable to carry on the interaction and so get fed up of approaching and the having it fizzle out and go nowhere.

A great resource I have found very useful for getting my approaching women and overall skills with women sorted out is Carlos Xuma's Approach Women - NOW! program. Going through this program will help you to totally get your approaching skills with women handled in no time at all. I highly recommend that you check out Approach Women - NOW! if you want to master your approaching skills and get all the benefits that come with being able to approach, talk to and get the girls you want, anytime you want.

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